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Collect. Trade. Live. European Sport moment
your pocket.

European NFT is a project which creates Sport NFTs
about the best European’s Football Moment. Collect
all of the best European Sport moment.

Wha is European NFT

European NFT is the first Italian NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace of sports illustration events, combining the love for sport and love for the crypto world.

With European NFT you can secure a piece of history in the making with unique sport illustrations NFT created by top illustrators from all over the world.

NFTs are cryptographic tokens with one main feature: non-fungibility. Each NFT represents a unique moment in time.

Does your favorite player score the decisive goal in the most important match? With our NFTs you can own that moment in time.

How we create
European NFT

We have created a community of artists with a bond in common: sport, especially football. Thanks to them we want to create ever-changing, fashionable and innovative collections with a European sport theme. Videos, infographics, illustrations and everything that will pass from the mind of our community, power to art, power to sport.
Without the support of its investors, this project would not have been possible, which is why we have decided to develop a Tokenomics for all the investors who want to support the project via Bitclout. BitClout is an open source cryptocurrency project and social media platform where users can buy and sell “creator coins” based on people’s reputations; these creator coins are non-fungible tokens and are bound to cryptographically secured accounts with unique names.

The $EuropeanNFT contained in the EuropeanNFT account will not be sold until at least 12/31/2022 . The part exceeding 50% of the ratio between the coins owned by EuropeanNFT and all the coins in the supply can be redistributed among the creators of NFT within the project.

For each sale of NFTs from EuropeanNFT channels (Treasureland now and Binance then) 50% of the proceeds are reused to purchase $ EuropeanNFT. This will increase the value of the coin and therefore the value of each of the holders.

For each sale of NFTs from the EuropeanNFT channels (Treasureland now and Binance then) 1% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

The first 25 Holders of $ EuropeanNFT will receive, at the end of the European Championship, a special NFT.

At the end of the European Championship @EuropeanNFT will remain active and will follow other sports competitions, football and others, continuing to produce live NFT starting with the Italian League Serie A

Our Collections

Sport recorded forever. Look at our sports NFT collections, discover all the features that make them unique.
  • Instant special moment NFT
  • Exclusive Infographic
  • Special graphic for the moment
  • Instant special moment NFT
  • Exclusive Infographic
  • Special graphic for the moment
  • Instant special moment NFT
  • Exclusive Infographic
  • Special graphic for the moment

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European NFT is in constant develop. Stay up to date on Twitter, Instagram and Bitclout. If you’re interested in investing in the project, you can do it on bitclout, by buying our currency or through this link. Secure a piece or history today.

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